Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Plan: 2014

Among the thousands of human beings on this Earth, I too decided to make a list of New Years resolutions.

Simple, short and to the point is what I like to call it. I try to not to set goals for myself that are unreasonable.

For example, diet, exercise or giving up Starbucks. I know I can my maintain my weight with discipline and that finding me on a piece of exercise equipment screams laughter. 

Starbucks, well I have an addiction. Maybe I won't give it up but I can tone it down a notch. How can you maintain a gold card holder status if you aren't in love with lattes? Hello, it's not rocket science :)

As a recap, here are the resolutions from last year!

This year the list is much shorter, maintainable and will hopefully become life changing.

1. Patience
I lack and have always lacked patience. My road rage is horrible, my lack of tolerance for stupidity is very low and my stress level has spun out of control. My patience affects not only me but others around me and I hope to find something or someone that can pull this negative part of me out.

2. Homemade Meals
It is much easier to come home from a long day and then decide to run out and grab fast food. I am worn out, my mind is frazzled and going back to the patience factor, dinners and lunches aren't happening like I planned. I use gas, spend additional money and feel like a sack of crap after eating it. My goal would be to have one meal a week that isn't homemade or prepped in my lunch sack. Sitting around the dining room table eating over a home cooked plate of food always feels good after it is complete. Home is where the heart and food is!

3. Save and tackle debt
Every week for the year of 2013 I deposited $25 a week into my savings acct. I did this religiously and saved $1200 towards my Christmas fund. It felt great to buy whatever I wanted for others and know that I wasn't breaking my checking account. This year I plan to up that amount to $50. This is the first step I am taking to tackle all of my debt. Which in reality is not that much. I have put it on the back burner and cannot live with it on my conscious a minute longer. This is the second step, admitting a task you have been avoiding.

I feel completely confident that if I stick to my goals I can achieve all three. Determination, strength and a positive state of mind and outlook is all I need. I am hoping that the year 2014 ends up being one of the best years of my life.

Tonight, with my wine in hand, I plan to cheers to moving on from the past, living for today and building a more maintainable and happy future for myself and family!


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