Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow Pinteresting

In the past four days all it has done is snow. It is cold, frigid and a blanket of ice has covered everything.

Over the weekend, Madison's friend came by for a sleepover. In the midst of all of the great adventures we encountered all the kids wanted to do was play in the snow.

With our lack of preparation of necessary apparel for the kiddos I came up with an idea.
So I turned to them and asked "How about we build a snowman inside?"

To my surprise they both yelled "Yay!" and were beyond excited to see exactly what I was talking about.
Among my countless hours of scrolling through Pinterest pins I came across

Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen

Brilliant right? I mean if you go through toilet paper the way we do you know that these little bad boys are handy almost daily.
At the beginning of the week I started to keep a stock of them just for this very moment. With a few supplies and two artists on hand we got right down to business!


Toilet paper rolls
Colored and white construction paper


Cut a piece of white construction paper to fit the toilet paper roll, attach with tape/glue
Draw on the snowman's eyes and mouth with a black marker/crayon
Cut a carrot shaped nose from orange construction paper or color a plain sheet and attach with tape/glue
Cut a hat out of black paper or color a plain sheet, attach with tape/glue
Cut a strip of colored paper out for the snowmans scarf, attach with tape/glue
If you would like to add arms I poked holes in the sides of the snowman and inserted q-tips

Are they not the cutest little things? Madison and Cash had so much fun making these and I loved watching them become so creative. A quick and simple craft that keeps the family involved with each other and sparks family traditions!

What have you pinned and then created lately?


  1. Very cute! And I'm not gonna lie, I'm so over the snow. More is on its way tonight!


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