Monday, March 18, 2013


Throughout life there will always be that one person who makes an impact on your life. The one who shows you structure, patience, guidance and helps you throughout those hard times in life. One person you wish you could show the appreciation that you feel for what they have done for you.
This weeks question for Coffee and Conversations is:
Who has influenced you the most in your life - personally or professionally - and why?  
Coffee & Conversation

 This was a very easy question to answer! That person would be my mother. Yes, she is reading this right now and probably going to shed some tears. She probably is already getting teary eyed, this is what we do. We get emotional. I definitely inherited a lot of characteristics from her. Except for patience. I am the crazy lunatic and she is the calm, carefree patient God sent angel. She can seriously take on any task that is thrown her way and somehow not wig out about it.

She has influenced me so much in life that I could write for days about what all she has done for our family. Growing up without a father in my life was hard. She made that very easy and helped me to fill that void. I look at life like who needs a father when you have a mom who is practically both? She encourages me to do my best and to always finish what I start. She reminds me to appreciate the little things in life and to not let every little thing get to me. She reminds me that my family comes first and that they are the only ones who will be standing by my side when all else fails. She is my back bone. I can go into a little tangent and know that she will always forgive me. She knows every detail of my life and she truly is my bff, always has been and always will be :)
I hope to be half the person and mother that she is. She is the world's greatest grandmother to my daughter and everyone who meets her will agree she is a remarkable woman.
If I could give her the world I would.

Thanks mom for being the best thing that ever happened to me, besides Madison of course


  1. Your mother sounds awesome. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship.


  2. Thanks for sharing! I know exactly what you mean about growing up without a dad but having a mom who took on both roles - makes a huge difference!


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