Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Greatest Wave

Maybe you have seen one of these commercials? Maybe you haven't? If you haven't, take a looksee and be intrigued :)  If you have, watch it again because this is an amazing product and it never hurts to watch again!

I like many people watched this commercial and thought what can that do for me? I never went out and bought The Wave. Then I had a conversation with Chelsee who knows all about beauty products and she recommended it to me. Wow was it the best $7.99 at Target I ever spent! Yes you heard me $7.99. Now for those of you, like me, who dream of having a Clarisonic but it just isn't in your budget right now then this is the product for you! Neutrogena also offers the Wave Sonic seen in the video below. I'll show you that commercial and then tell you a little about The Wave which is the one I purchased.

The Wave was the first Neutrogena product to come out then the Sonic followed. Here is what The Wave, the packaging and the pad looks like:

They have different color options as well. Target only had two left and they were both teal.

 The packaging seen here offers a $2.00 coupon off of the refillable pads and includes 14 foaming pads! The refillable pads cost around $6.

 These little pads have the best smelling cleanser packed into them! There is an off switch and then two power speeds. One for daily cleansing, morning and night and then one for deep pore cleansing.

 To use, you wet the end of the foaming pad and turn on The Wave to whichever speed setting you prefer. It gets pretty foamy which I love. The more foam the more I feel like it is working.
First I pin all of my hair up

Then I bobby pin my bangs back

 This was the first time I used The Wave. I used the high setting for a deep pore cleansing.
It was really hard to capture the foaming aspect of it so I changed the filter and you can see my forehead and nose is covered in the foam. It really improved the look and feel of my skin.
This was the end result. Very gross huh? I even cleaned by face before and this was what was left afterwards. It really goes to show that a deep pore cleanse really works! The following morning my skin wasn't oily or greasy either which usually happens after I use certain products. I highly recommend The Wave!
Here are some more pros to purchasing this product:
Fits into the palm of your hand so you can throw it in your makeup bag or luggage no problem.
It is wireless! It runs on a single battery so no need to let it sit and charge. Just make sure you have an extra AA battery on hand. 
It is waterproof! You can use it in the shower or bath if needed!
Easy to use. Just attach a pad to the cleanser, wet with water, turn on and cleanse your face.
Refills contain 30 pads so only need to purchase them once a month.

I love to try out new products so if you have any suggestions or a favorite product leave me a message!


  1. Glad you like it& thanks for the shout outs!

  2. Thanks for this review! I've been looking for a product a few weeks now to clean my pores! I'm very picky with skin products. But I think I could try this! :)

  3. Your skin is beautiful Brooke. I need to exfoliate, and what a great price. Neutrogena is gluten free i think too? Happy Easter


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