Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ipsy MyGlam Bag March

I usually walk outside, open my mailbox and I am surprised that yet another month has flown by!
I did NOT feel that way this month! Even though it is already March and it will be spring soon it has felt like the weeks and days have crept by ever slowly!
I am SO ready for warm weather, barbeque's, swimming pools and flip flops!
Many of you are subscribed to or have heard of Birchbox. What about Ipsy's myglam bag?
Same cost, great products and arrives practically on the same day as Birchbox!
With spring right around the corner it made for perfect timing to receive my glam bag!
The March Ipsy theme is "The Great Escape". I usually cannot contain myself and I pop over and check out all the spoilers for the month. This month it has been hectic and crazy and I haven't had the time so the entire bag was a complete surprise! And we all know I love surprises!
Discount card
Ipsy provides this little discount card in every glam bag given. Although the bag does not contain a product card describing the names and prices, their website usually has everything you need!

Now I can say I have had better bags but this one wasn't too shabby! You can never go wrong with Nautical!

The first item I opened was the Juice Beauty Hydrating mist! This spray hydrates, tones and gives your skin a more radiant look! So far I am loving it! It does have a rosy smell, but not too overpowering.

The next two items were very basic but can be thrown into any girls handbag for a night out on the town, a day at the beach or a casual lunch date!
The GlamRX Touch Up Mirror provides two small openings for the eye shadow pallets seen below! The mirror kit has a magnetic opening that allows the eye shadows to fit inside perfectly without popping out! No spillage=awesome!

I have yet to try the La Fresh Travel Lite Make-Up Remover Wipes. I have the same morning and night routine and when it comes to removing makeup off of my face I am a little hesitant on what I use. These will come in handy though on our upcoming vacation when I am in a quick need to wipe off my face and keep it fresh just not so much my every day ritual.

This adorable trial pair of eye shadows are from Yaby Cosmetics. They are very pigmented and are great neutral colors for spring!

The March Ipsy MyGlam bag is worth $19.55.
Still above the $10 monthly cost it is not nearly what some of the other months have been worth.
I am still pleased with the bag.
Did you get Ipsy this month?
If you want to sign up for Ipsy I think they still have a waiting list but I would go ahead and sign up! Every bag has been worth it and I see that trend continuing! 


  1. For me, these are getting better each time! I love Ipsy!!

  2. I subscribe to Ipsy but wasn't to thrilled with this month, my shadows weren't that pigmented even with primer but I do love the subscription so I'll be continuing with it :)


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