Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birchbox March 2013

I am obsessed with beauty products! CVS, Walgreens, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret you name it I have makeup, nail and hair supplies from all! The main reason why I signed up for Birchbox was to use new products! Some I had never even heard of before, the brands at least. I mean who doesn’t love spending $10 and receiving 4-6 beauty samples. If you are lucky some of the samples in the Birchbox come in full size!
March’s theme was to be expected, March Madness of course! Even if you aren’t into the sport I am sure you have heard all the buzz through the news or radio stations. I know I have!
So let’s see what Birchbox had to offer this month!

Twistband™ Headband Collection-$19
The Twistbands work great! I am a huge fan of these! I have one in every color! This girl does love to accessorize! They also help with breakage and are very comfortable to wear!

The shaving cream worked great for my dry skin! I tend to have flaky and itchy skin after shaving and this seemed to moisture and tame my problem. It also smells fantastic!


I highly suggest that you guys check out the Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo! I became a fan of dry shampoo during the summer last year. I like to skip days in between washing my hair. I have very fine, thin hair and I find my hair falling out more than usual lately. The dry shampoo cuts the oil and shine down on your scalp and roots making for a fresh, clean and revitalized look.


The Maxwell Emory Board is a great nail board! They offer the boards in many different colors and designs! It can easily be thrown into your handbag for every day use also!
I have only used appliqués once in my life thanks to Stephanie and our V-day swap! I would say they were a little hard due to the fact that you have to cut them just right to fit the entire nail. They are a little time consuming but turn out great!
I love concealers! The smooth rich formula removes those dark circles and moisturizes the skin as well! If you can put on a little makeup and look like you got a great nights rest than it's a win win!
I know one of the perks to Birchbox is how many great boxes ship out! This means through my review or your reveal we get to learn about so many great products! Leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite product was this month or of all time so I can reap the benefits as well!



  1. Look like we got pretty similar boxes this time:) I love my products from March!

  2. Aside from the twistband, we basically got the same stuff in our Birchboxes! It's such a fun surprise every month, I love it. Hope you're having a great week :)


  3. I LOVED that dry hairspray! I'd been using the Oscar Blandi stuff from an earlier Bbox, but I think this topped it!


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