Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Hook Up!

Do I have a great thing to share or what!! The hilarious, sweet and beautiful Lizette over at Northern Belle Diaries is hosting a giveaway that you must take part in! Why you might ask? The lovely ladies below along with the lovely Lizette are giving away ad spaces! Hello is that not awesome or what!! So click on over now and score yourself some new bloggy friends!!
Who's giving away what:
1// Lisette - 200x200 "Northerner"   2// Samantha - 150x150 "Specialist"   3// Sara Elizabeth - 300x300 "Pearl Kinda Girl"   4// Elizabeth - 200x200 "Sweet Tea Ad "   5// Stephanie - 300x150 "Large ad"   6// Amy - 200x100 "Little Mama"   7// Jessa - 200x200 "Home Run"   8// Shana - 300x300 "The Big Time"  9// Rachel - 200x150 "The Postcard"  10// Nadine - 200x200 "Regular"  11// Melissa - 200x250 "XL ad"   12// Gayle - 200x200 "King Triton"  13// Amberly - 150x150 "The Simple Life"  14// Marquis - 150x150 "Small ad"
You must be a follower of Lizette to enter!

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