Friday, March 8, 2013

Gotta Get Down On Friday!

TGIF! What a very LONG week it has been! My favorite day of the week has arrived! Okay well maybe Sunday is my actual favorite day of the week because that involves numerous cups of coffee, relaxation and lots of blogging!
If you are new around here and a lot of you are to my blog at least, let me tell you a little about Friday's link up party. It is hosted by the sweet Lauren over at From My Grey Desk Blog. We basically share our five highlights from our week! Grab a button and join the party!

1. My Birchbox has shipped! There is nothing better than receiving a cute little box filled with beauty related goodies!
Do you subscribe to Birchbox?
What item have you received that is your ultimate favorite?

2. Madison waking up in her pjs with wild crazy hair and finding a letter from Lucy. Lucy was our Elf On The Shelf! She came in the middle of the night and left Madison a letter about her being SO good and that she would see her real soon. Madison was ecstatic!

3. This week I went from 50 followers to 202! I could not be more grateful and excited! I love that all of you are reading my posts, commenting and entering in the giveaways! You are awesome! For all my new followers I hope to get to know you better and begin friendships with you!

4. I had an AMAZING, informative and fun V-Blate with Kaitlyn, Kayln and Samantha! I can't wait for the next one! I hope to continue my bond with these ladies!

5. Even though the meteorologists said we were to expect 4-7 inches of snow Tuesday night, we ended up with 3.5 and it almost all melted away by the next afternoon. It made for an easier drive and less stressful day!

How has your week been?
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I will see you Sunday for the Sunday Social!


  1. That last picture is so gorgeous! We also didn't get nearly as much snow as predicted. We got just enough though that my husband's boss sent him home early, so that was a nice little treat. Never thought I'd say it but, yay snow!

  2. So jealous your Birchbox already shipped!! Mine hasn't yet. :( I'm thinking this is going to be my last month with Birchbox... We'll see when my box comes in!

  3. I just saw you recently started following me and wanted to check out your blog. I love it and happy to say I am following you back! :)


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