Friday, March 15, 2013

Lost In The Shuffle

Don't be!
As a new user of Bloglovin I really enjoy the simplicity!
When Google announced almost 24 hours ago that Google Reader would be hitting the retired vault it came at no surprise.
A lot of you use Google Reader and so did I but after my V-Blate with Kaitlyn and Samantha I decided to become more organized and make the switch!
Now everyone is basically being forced to!
I wouldn't freak out or start a riot! It really is very simple and easy to use!
Go ahead and sign into Bloglovin or create an account.
Want to import every blog from Google Reader to Bloglovin in about five seconds? Or download a cell phone app to gain instant access to Bloglovin?

Click here!

Now you can separate each blog into their own category and leave the ones you want to save or come back to as unread!
Almost like a readers inbox!
Now as a newer blogger I want to make sure all of you sweet, sweet friends continue to read my posts!
I as well as yourself do not want to be lost in the shuffle!
Click on the icon below or the matching icon to the right by my other social media icons to start following me on Bloglovin!
I am ever so grateful to have you following along in this little journey of mine!
Don't become a silent reader!
Leave a comment, even if it's to say hello :)
Happy Friday and have a rockin St Patty's Day weekend!!


  1. I am officially following you on blog Lovin'!!!

  2. New to your blog! I am wondering why I didn't switch to Bloglovin' sooner. I think it's so much better than Reader...and their iPhone app is even better. :) Cute space you have here!

  3. I know I have to make the switch... but I don't WANNA! Hmph. I probably won't mind too much once I get used to it but for some reason this change is really ticking me off. Guess I just like my blog reading routine.

    Adorable family photo!


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