Tuesday, March 19, 2013

26 Letters

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I fell in love with Kalyn over at Love Laughter Happily Ever during our V-Blate! She has the most adorable accent and sweetest personality! If you haven't stopped by for a visit or to say hi I highly recommend it. You will instantly connect and find yourself a genuinely kind bloggy frand :) She had the genius idea to do a little alphabet get to know me game! Because you my friend want to get to know me better (come on, sure you do! That's why your here right?) this little bit of info is for you!!

A: Available or Married?

Tim and I celebrated our fifth year wedding anniversary March 1st.
We have been together for twelve years.

B: Book? 
I recently finished Ellen DeGeneres's book Seriously I'm Kidding. It was the best therapy ever.
A laughter filled book from beginning to end with a heart warming touch.
Lessons about life that I needed to hear. Run out and buy a copy now!

C: Cake or Pie? 
Ummmm seriously does anyone really prefer pie over cake? I say cake hands down! I like all types of cake. The less icing on top the better. A thin layer of icing makes for the perfect accent to a slice of cake. My favorite flavor would have to be red velvet. Yummo!

D: Drink of Choice? 
Grande white chocolate mocha from Starbucks.
I am totally addicted and spend too many mornings visiting!
Everyone knows my order and name as soon as I pull up!

E: Essential Item?
Lip gloss and lotion are tied for first. I have really dry skin so the lotion calms the flaking and itching. Lip gloss comes in handy daily over a million times a day. If my lips are chapped I am not a happy camper!

F: Favorite Color?
Coral! I recently started buying brighter colored clothing and coral has been the selection of choice. I normally wear black and gray but it was becoming obsessive. I changed the wardrobe to spring pastel colors and I am loving it!
G: Game to Play or Watch? 
Football. The Colts of course :) Basketball is repetitive and cannot keep or gain my attention. Every other sport seems pointless to me.

H: Hometown?
I was born in Portland, TN and lived there until I was four. We moved to Indianapolis, IN and have been here ever since. I could easily move to California, South Carolina or Florida and be perfectly happy. I have to ask, where are those winning lotto tickets sold at?
I: Indulgence?

Starbucks, handbags and necklaces! I spend entirely too much of my life savings on these three things. It is a shopping and drinking addiction. I may or may not need an intervention!
J: Job Title?

Estimator Processor. Sounds like the best career ever huh? Ha not exactly. Sitting behind a computer, typing a million quotes for a printing company is not what I had in mind as my dream job but it pays the bills. I have to be grateful for that. 8 years I have been there. Gessh how time flies!

K: Kids and Names?
A beautiful daughter, Madison. She will turn four in April. Full of life, spirit and energy she has a contagious smile and the bluest eyes you will ever see!
 L: Life is Incomplete Without?

Oxygen? Oh wait that's not the answer you were looking for. My daughter. Seriously you might love your husband or family but when you hold that little bundle of joy in your hands your heart walks around on the outside of your body. They are your world, your life and your happiness.
M: Music Group?
Maroon 5! Adam Levine! Great music. Hello?!?!? Need I say more?

 N: Number of Siblings?

I am the oldest of four. I have two brothers, Daniel and Brian and a sister, Crystal. We have great childhood memories together. Since we have grown up we all have went and done our own little thing. My brother Brian still lives at home with my mom. He is autistic. The best thing that could of happened to us. He is a blessing!

O: Oranges or Apples? 

Oranges! Unless it's a caramel apple then I will eat an apple!
P: Phobias/Fears?
Heights! Nothing terrifies me more than a roller coaster, climbing a ladder or being put on top of a pyramid in cheerleading. Being the lightest one on the squad I remember shaking and trembling every time I was put on top during those crazy routines!
Q: Quote?

"Be yourself- not your idea of what you think somebody else's idea of yourself should be"
Henry David Thoreau
I have learned to stop being a people pleaser. It left me unhappy and questioning myself as a person. I often worry about my appearance, personality and happiness based on everyone else's perspective. I made it my main focus this year to be myself and if others don't approve they can get to walking because ain't nobody got time for that :)

R: Reason To Smile?
Every day that I wake up I smile. I was allowed one more day on this Earth. To breathe, to live, to love. I enjoy the little things in life and appreciate every chance I get to have fun, to laugh and to soak in the atmosphere around me.

S: Season? 

Fall! Who doesn't look tractor rides, bonfires, the changing colors of the leaves and pumpkin spice lattes!!

T: Tattoos? 
I have one. The tattoo artist actually laughed when I told him what I wanted.
A tree going down my entire left side with two sparrows.
His response was "Is this your first tattoo?" I replied "Yes". He said "Go big or go home, right?"
I smiled and agreed! I was a total nervous wreck but it wasn't that bad.
U: Unknown Fact About Me? 

I have one false tooth. I was in fifth grade and we were in gym class playing hockey. You know the large plastic hockey sticks. This boy scored a point, flung his arms in the air to cheer and smacked me right in the mouth with the stick. It crushed my tooth in half. After a nightmare experience with a horrible dentist I went to another office and had the tooth fixed. I still have nightmares about my teeth falling out. Ugh.
V: Vegetable You Love?
Cucumbers! The smell and the taste are fulfilling! I could seriously sit with a shaker of salt and a pile of cucumbers and devour them all!
W: Worst Habits?

My OCD obsession with cleaning my house is nuts. I am constantly cleaning or picking up something. I will have small anxiety attacks if the house is messy. Before I leave for work or before I go to bed the house must be cleaned or I won't be able to concentrate or relax. I also have a huge problem with having patience. If the computer isn't loading fast enough, a driver is going under the speed limit or I am having to wait for anything I will freak out. I should really drink more Starbucks to calm my nerves. Ha another habit! Stopping at Starbucks five times a week and sometimes six. It has taken over my bank account. Yikes!

 X: X-Rays? 

I had an xray done on my knee to check for an injury and my routine dental visits but besides that I have been lucky with no injuries!
 Y: Yummy Food?
Cheesecake, anything Mexican, apple crisp and fruit! I could live off of these! Great now my tummy is rumbling and my brain is being geared towards the fridge!

 Z: Zoo Favorites?
The dolphins! We have the best dolphin show! They jump out of the water, walk across the water and respond to the trainers by making certain sounds and waving. They are the cutest things.
 Are you still with me? I know that was long and drawn out but hopefully you learned a little more about me!
I hope you enjoyed those fun facts about my life over here in Indy. :)
Are you a blogger in the area, or a state near me or planning to visit sometime soon?
Wanna meet up for a Blate? Send me a message and we can plan something!

I would love to meet you and learn more about the world you live in!





  1. Love your tattoo!!!!! And I've been dying to read that book, I love her!

  2. Oh and Madison was our name too if bubba would have been a girl :)

  3. Pretty Tattoo! This was a great idea for a post, I learned so much more about you! Check out my blog link today..I think you will love it!

  4. I love the quote. Very, very true!!! Learned a lot...very interesting stuff :)


  5. I don't think I could have filled out every letter.

    Your newest follower :)


  6. Love your tattoo and of course, Ellen! (:


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