Monday, November 18, 2013

That Kinda Crazy

Once again a weekend came and went faster than I could say the word weekend. 
Although it went by quickly I achieved my main goal and that was to get all of my indoor Christmas decorations out and displayed. 
I usually cram the indoor and outdoor decorating all into one weekend but this year I wanted to break apart the two and enjoy it for as long as possible.
I am one of those crazy Christmas obsessed people. 
I love everything Christmas. 

The holiday puts a burning fire in my heart and fuels my happiness. 
It is even better now that I have a little one to share the joyous moments with.
I went out for a little window shopping and ended up picking up some of the cutest things!
So needless to say my house puked Christmas this weekend!

It may be early, it may seem like a special kinda crazy but I anytime you find a little piece of happiness, love and desire in your life....enjoy every second of it!


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