Monday, November 11, 2013

Slow Down

Somehow two days flew by and the weekend was over before I knew it.
I'm sure everyone felt the same way. Hours, minutes, my world it seems like I can't get one minute to catch my breath. The older I get the faster time speeds by. The quicker time ticks by the less things in my life are completed.

Two weeks ago I joined a little link up that allowed me to invest my time in five things to try over a weekend period. The idea was to shorten my to do list, become less stressed and actually complete what I planned on starting. This idea has been amazing. Because I am blogging about I become more accountable and I tend to not make excuses. Now, the reality is that sometimes even five things I put down on paper will simply not be completed but that's how the cookie crumbles. Life gets in the way.

So far, most of my five to try has been accomplished and I couldn't feel any better about it.

1. I organized my Christmas list and actually tackled my first Christmas adventure! I bought Madison some of her favorite things, got a few stocking stuffers and even got my mom a present which I think she will get a kick out of. I feel so good that I have a head start on my shopping. Although Toys R Us felt like a day on Black Friday I managed to score a couple of deals. I can't wait until all of my shopping is complete and everything is wrapped under a sparkling lit tree!

2. Madison's room as been an ongoing work in progress and I can say it is finally 100% complete. I added some wall decorations and hung her stuffed animal storage basket. She loved helping me stick the wall decals on and felt like a big girl using the drill. She really is mommy's little helper.

3. Target had these great outfits for Madison's Elf On The Shelf, Lucy. I snagged these for Lucy's return and also picked up a few things to put into Madison's gift box for our upcoming Polar Express ride. 19 more days!
4. Sadly my Wall Of Fame is still at a stand still. I spent more time shopping, cleaning and doing things with my family that this little task is still on the back burner.

5. My thank you note is complete. Funny thing is I don't own a single envelope so after one of these is snagged from my work I will be able to deliver the note. A note seems so small in comparison to what my family does for my family and I. I always wish I could do more but I do the best I can.

If you have a do list that seems incomplete day after day then join this link up! Put the top five on top and work your way down! I am queen of never ending lists and this system works!

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  1. Bravo Brooke! I was thinking..."I can't believe she doesn't own an envelope" and then I realised...neither do I! lol


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