Friday, November 15, 2013

Dancing Queen

One week from today Madison will be making her fourth big stage debut!

I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. 
It feels just like yesterday that I signed Madison up for her first dance class. 
Shy and scared she refused to go into class alone. 

Parents weren't allowed in class to help with the anxiety separation but Madison wouldn't attend class unless I sat in the studio with her.
The whole introvert socially awkward post I wrote about yesterday, this has been the main example to date. 

To see her slowly grow into a social butterfly melts my heart. She loves to perform and entertain others. She is counting down the days to next Friday and secretly so am I.

At her first performance I remained teary eyed during the whole performance. My heart burst into a million pieces seeing her smile, dance and enjoy herself with all of the other kids that night. Knowing the shy timid little girl was performing in front of hundreds people made this mommy very proud. 

There is nothing like seeing your child transform before you. Everything you have taught them and encouraged to be starts to come alive and impresses you more than you will ever know. 
7 days from now I will again watch my little girl perform Up On The Housetop in front of an auditorium filled with people and I will think to myself "How did I get so lucky?"

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  1. She is so precious and I love all of those costumes (:


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