Friday, November 8, 2013

Getting The Job Done

One of my favorite things to do is make a to do list. I tend to go a little overboard and keep listing one thing after another and then over half of the list is left incomplete. 
With this new little link up that the fabulous Vickie created it allows a manageable list to be made and everything to be finished!

On this weeks list…..

1) Tis the Season: Create an organized Christmas shopping list


I avoid Black Friday at all costs! I stay inside, bundle up in a blanket and only shop online! I still manage to find a ton of great deals and I don't have to worry about being ran down, yelled at or someone stealing the last HOT item. By creating a list based upon the stores with the best deals I can also cross reference online discounts and purchase the item at the best price.

2) Blank Canvas: Hang Madison's Stuffed Animal Baskets & Decorate Walls 

When I took my trip to Ikea a couple of months ago I purchased these fabulous nets for all of Madison's stuffed animals and dolls. I have yet to hang them up. As much as I love them there is something a bit awkward about them. I haven't quite decided where I want to place them. As for her walls. Eight years has went by and the only thing hung on a
wall in that room is a mirror. I have a few quite décor items but never seem to make the time to get it done. This is what is so great about this link up. I feel motivated to complete these five tasks

3) Lucy's (Madison's Elf On The Shelf) Special Delivery: Prepare Madison's gift box from Lucy 

On November 30th we have a trip planned to ride the Polar Express. As seen on Pinterest I ran across this great gift box to give your child. Well, Lucy is making her return visit on this day so I decided why not have Lucy deliver the package? I can't wait to see Madison's reaction!

4) Full Of Love: Wall of Fame Part 2

Two weeks ago I began my Wall of Fame project. This weekend I will be picking up the photos and completing my project! Pictures to come Monday!

5) The Small Things: Thank you note

My parents are the best. They do so much for my family and I and I feel such gratitude for everything they help out with. I plan on sending them a thank you note to show my appreciation.

I am looking forward to another productive weekend, checking off my tasks one by one and counting the days until Thanksgiving break! So much to be thankful for!

What are your weekend plans or tasks?


  1. I like the Christmas shopping list--so helpful!
    I have one of the IKEA hanging nets hanging up--such creative storage.
    I need to buy an Elf on the Shelf for Nolan!

  2. Oh my little girl used to have one of those nets hanging, I put hers in a corner...looked really cute! I LOVE that you are sending your parents a thank you note, they will cherish that thought for years to come. I love how much I'm getting done with this link-up, 5 things are so manageable! See you next week x

  3. Um, I am in LOVE with your blog name. Holy cow, adorable.
    And that Christmas list!? Brilliant!

    › xo fal •


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