Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mother or Not, A New Perspective

While browsing through my Twitter feed I stumbled upon this video from Upworthy.
A video documenting how mothers answered the following statement "Describe yourself as a mother" and what their children had to say about them.

While watching this video I quickly became emotional. I am one to dwell on what I am doing wrong. I sit for hours thinking about how I could have reacted differently to a situation, how more patient I need to become and what I could be doing better. This isn't just in the parenting world but life in general.
I started this blog to give myself a chance to express myself, to meet new people and to spend an hour or two a day doing something for myself.

As the blog evolved it became even more apparent that my blog revolves around my daughter, being a mother and what my every day life has become. Not that I was ever trying to escape "real life" but it soon became very clear that as a mother your kids are your life. They shape you, mold you and fulfill your life with so much joy. I've always said you haven't truly lived until you have a child.
Sometimes we spend all of our time trying to become the perfect parent that we miss out on what is really happening. Our kids don't care that the laundry isn't done, or the house isn't clean or that their food came from a box instead of made from scratch. Our little ones only care about a few things: love, patience, time and positivity.

The way we treat our children is how they will treat others We are their main example in life. If we are constantly yelling, screaming, running around like crazy and not making time for others they will pick up on that and most likely end up acting out in the same manner.

No parent is perfect but if we realize that by guiding our children in the right direction and building a loving, positive atmosphere they two will grow into the same mature adult.

I will be the first to admit that I spend most Monday mornings judging myself.  Why Monday? Well, the weekend is the most time I have to spend with her. I ask myself "Did I spend enough quality time with her, did I show her enough love and attention, did she have fun, does she like being at home" and the list goes on and on. By Monday afternoon I am practically running out of work. All I want and need is a hug, a smile and to talk to her about her day.

Her life is my life and if she isn't happy neither am I. It has always felt like our heart and soul are connected together. So while I sit back almost daily and judge myself as a mother, I know deep down that she loves me and that I am doing my best. My best might not match another parents best but we are all human and we run our households differently. At the end of the day, if Madison smiles at me, plants a sloppy wet kiss on my cheek and tells me how much she loves me then I know I must be doing something right.

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