Monday, November 4, 2013

Office Santa Mission

With Halloween over and the month of November in full force all my mind can think about now is Christmas!

I do love Thanksgiving but Christmas really steals my heart!

I use all of November to plan. I make notes in my phone and on my laptop to create Christmas lists for my family and friends. I start following the weather forecast very closely so I know which weekend is the best to put up outdoor decorations. Last but not least I begin using Pinterest to come up with my office gift for work. 

For the past three years I joined in on the gift giving at work. I have worked at my company for eight years and have become very close to my colleagues. With a department full of women it seems very easy to come up with something each and every year making it super easy for me!

Pinterest has always been my main source at finding which gifts I decide on except my gifts have a little twist. 

Some of the girls give out candles and lotion, others give out candy and edible items but where I try and stand out....gag gifts!
I love to make people laugh and smile. With the every day "get down to business" attitude that looms around the office I like to shake things up a bit.

I surprisingly failed to take pictures of my own creations but with the help of Google, you will get the idea of what has been given out so far:

Year One: Snowman Poop

Mini marshmallows
Sandwich bag
Snowman label that reads the following: 

Year Two: Jingle Balls

Malted milk balls in red, green and silver wrappers
Sandwich Bag
Jingle Bells

I simply took the sandwich bag and wrote "Jingle Balls" on the outside, filled the bag with the candy and tied the bells around the top and Voila!

Year Three: Washer and Dryer

A dish towel and washcloth
A label or card that reads:

This Christmas you deserve the best...
...a present unlike all the rest.
We considered a new car or exotic cruise,
but decided on something you could really use!
Finally we found a gift to admire,
we hope you like your new washer and dryer!
Happy Holidays!

So, now I am on the hunt for this years gift! I love more than anything to see the reaction each and every year once everyone receives their gift. I love to keep the environment lighthearted and to make people smile. I am definitely a giver that keeps on giving! 

Do you participate in office gift giving? Secret Santa? Etc? 
I would love to hear your ideas!

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