Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking For A Little More...

Happy Monday! This weekend has felt a bit strange for me. Given that the Christmas blues lasted a few days and then the new years holiday is tonight I have been caught up in this weird realm of feelings. All I have on my mind is how I can make this year better than the last? What can I change about myself to better my attitude and self being? What can I do for others? What's the next step for me, my daughter and husband? Who can I trust to continue to be a part of my life? What is the best path to take and what will the results be? (This will all be continued tomorrow when I list my new years resolutions and what my plan is for 2013) Hopefully you will enjoy following me as I grow and become a more experienced blogger, wife, mother and woman.

If you're new around here or want something new for your Monday posts, you should know that every Monday, Kate and Kati hold a link-up called the GBU. It basically means that you get to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of your weekend. Grab the button and join in the fun!
The good: I had a few great tasting drinks this weekend! I rarely drink but when I do it's normally something fruity and frozen! I enjoyed a night out with the family, a great lunch with my mom and an even more fabulous dinner with a great friend!

Cheeseburger In Paradise
Ruby Tuesday

The bad: I have been struggling in the friendship department. What do people expect? What makes you a good friend? How does someone decide who their best friend is? What are values others look for in a person? I have been doing some deep self/friendship evaluation lately and one of the things I am missing is a real, genuine, close and loving friendship.

The bad: On Christmas Eve Lucy (Our Elf On The Shelf) left for the North Pole. She left a note and her friend TJ (to make up for the emotional break down Madison was going to have on behalf of Lucy's departure) behind to look after Madison throughout the year. When we got TJ he kicked his feet, talked to Madison and sang songs, as of this weekend he has stopped working. I checked online and at the store where I bought TJ and there are no more available. Madison just thinks TJ is asleep or is being very quiet. Sweet girl. I wish somehow TJ would start working again. Sad mommy moment.

Well that concludes my weekend highlights. How was your weekend? I hope to have you back here tomorrow to hear more about my 2013 goals, hopes and wishes for a better year! Thank you my dear followers, it really means a lot to have bloggy friends who care :)
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  1. I think the BFF thing just kinda happens naturally. I hope your friendship dilemma gets better soon. I am in a BFF dilemma with mine that I have had since childhood. She moved to Texas a few years ago and we have always been really close but lately, things have been really off and we don't talk and I don't know how to talk to her about it...Everything will work out eventually. But until then, you have all of us in the blogging world.

    This probably doesn't help, I am terrible at advice sometimes. :( haha
    I hope you have a wonderful new years!

    1. This does help ;) it is nice to know that people in the blogging world care and seem to be genuine. That is why I am so glad I started the blog. To put myself out there and start something in enjoy. I hope to make a lot more bloggy friends along the way. I hope you and your friend work everything out.
      I hope to see you as a new follower as well ;)
      xo Brooke

  2. Those drinks look delicious!

    I'm sorry about your friendship dilemma - I'm kind of in the same boat - few friends nearby, and a few scattered across the U.S. Making solid friends is definitely something that takes a TON of time!

    1. I ageee! It does take a lot of work. I have learned that I would rather have two really close friends then have a 100 acquaintances. I hope you meet some new friends that treat you well!
      Xo Brooke


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