Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ipsy/MyGlam December 2012 Bag!

Oh how I love receiving packages in the mail! Especially when it involves a bag, beauty items and comes in a pink sparkly package! So what's that mean you might ask? It means that my monthly beauty subscription has arrived! Basically you spend $10 a month and around the 10th of each month Ipsy sends you a makeup bag full of beauty samples! This allows you to try the product in a mini version before buying the full size product. How cool! Lots of great products for an affordable rate!
So here is my inside view at the samples and the retail cost of each.

The pink sparkly packaging-seriously? How cute is this?
Ipsy December Glam Bag beauty samples-sometimes you can't get the packaging open fast enough to check out all the new samples!

The "information" card-very useful

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil : $14.25-I am not one to use a ton of eye pencils. I usually stick with black eyeliner and call it a day. I received a brown pencil last month and now this black one. I am excited because I am more likely to use this one. How many eye pencils do you use? And what colors?

Mirabella Prime for Face & Eyes: $29.00-I have never really used a primer before. If I need my makeup to "stick" I usually apply liquid foundation and then put the makeup on top. I am interested in seeing the difference in using a primer or not. What are your thoughts on using a primer?

NYX Loose Pearl Shadow: $3.00-This has to be one of my favorite items. Inexpensive and looks great. Apply it over the top of  your eyeshadow for a shimmery effect. Ipsy sent out a variety of colors but I received the "Mink Pearl".

Mai Couture Highlighter Papier: $7.00-So I saw this in the glambag and wondered "What is this, and how does it work?" So I hopped on the Ipsy website and did some research. The site states "Adds radiance and glow to desired areas of face and body. This shimmer highlighter paper will add luminosity to any dull skin". I haven't tried it yet but I am sure anything that adds all of that to the face and body is bound to be spectacular!

Be A Bombshell Lip Gloss: $14.00-I am normally not a "bright" colored lip gloss kinda girl but this shade is actually flattering with my skin tone. I have a little black dress with some red pumps that I plan on wearing for New Years Eve and this will add in some of that "bombshell" factor!

The glam bag: (no known retail cost)-Who doesn't like bags? I am a bag fanatic! Handbags, makeup bags, billfolds you name it. I see it. I want it. So receiving a new one each month is fantastic! This small handy bag matches my new gray Coach purse I just bought so I am thrilled!
A grand total of  $69.25 for this month’s ipsy Glam Bag. Which makes my spending of $10 even more of a greater deal! I just love that I am able to try out new products for such a great cost!
What did you receive in your bag this month? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on your samples.


  1. Wow It seems like you got some great stuff! I am unfamiliar with it always this good??? Make sure you check out my blog today to get a review on the perfume sample I am giving away! I just saw your comment on my page and thought I would hop on over and see what you had going on! Merry Christmas!

    Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide

    1. Hey thanks for checking out my page! I will have to take a look at your blog review for sure! Ipsy has alot to offer and the products are affordable and look great also! I would check it out if I were you!
      XO Brooke

  2. Whoa! Almost $70 worth of samples from a $10 subscription?! Is it always that great? Maybe I need to cancel Birchbox and move to Ipsy!

    1. Yes it's always this good! I love their products and its also $10 like Birchbox. I have heard alot of people cancelling their Birchboxes to switch over to Ipsy. I just received my Birchbox invite two weeks ago so I will be receiving the Birchbox for December. I am interested in seeing the difference in the two.
      XO Brooke

  3. That Urban Decay eye pencil is awesome! You will love it. It stays on all day long. I have the silver and dark green one from them! My fav eye pecils are from Make Up Forever. They're very similar to Urban Decay!

    1. I used it this morning and its awesome! You are right! I can't wait to use more of their products!


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