Monday, December 3, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Goodbye weekend and hello Monday!
I usually try to be the most positive on this day because most often somewhere out there someone needs cheering up. I have decided to try and find the good in everything and be grateful that I even get to experience what I do. So instead of walking around moaning and groaning, faking it or not, I put a smile on my face and try to lift others spirits. Sometimes it's a good day, sometimes bad and sometimes ugly. Which leads me to "the original" Monday link up GBU with some really great gals Kate @ Classy Living & Kati @ Incorporating Color. This link up, The Good, the Bad & the Ugly is a weekend wrap up of what went on over the last couple of days.
So here we go...

The Good: I managed to spend some time in full holiday spirit mode. Our children's museum opened the exhibit for "Jolly Days" on November 24th and we were able to spend the day with some close friends watching the kiddos run around & just have a blast. Riding a carousel, visiting with Santa & watching my girl slide down the "Yule Slide" were at the top of my happy list.

The Bad: I finally put a dent in my Christmas shopping. After MANY trips around town, filling up my gas tank & several Starbucks runs I would say my billfold is looking a little (ok a lot) slim! Good that I am almost finished, BAD that I need more money!

The Ugly: Friday night I spent the entire night in pain. I get occasional headaches and I pretty much become a couch potato. My head thumps like a constant beating drum. So I had my daughter in bed at 9 and I was in bed at 9:30 fast asleep. 7 days before my surgery, which occurs Wednesday, and I cannot take any medication. So this headache of mine, had to be cured by sleep and nothing more. All while my husband worked an almost 24 hr shift and managed to have two flat tires before coming home from work. When it rains it pours!

So that was my weekend! Care to share? Leave a comment & link up with us every Monday for the GBU! Stay positive people!  :)
Classy Living


  1. Hey, I am stopping by from the GBU Linkup! Great blog! I hope your headaches go away, I tend to have chronic migraines and keep a stock of excedrine! Good Luck on your Christmas shopping & Happy Monday!

    Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes I hate headaches and they are becoming more frequent! I guess I will start keeping stock also! Happy Monday to you as well :) XO

  2. You go girl for getting a ton of your Christmas shopping done!! And that children's museum looks like it was a blast!

    So sorry to hear about your headaches :( Glad you're feeling better now, though!

    Thanks for linking up! xo

    1. The childrens museum is so fun for all ages! Do you have a museum like that around you? I would love to travel there one day! As for the headaches I will be great once this surgery is over and I can take some meds to kick the pain!
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. That children's museum looks like it would be such a fun place to go! And getting shopping done is always a great feeling, even if it leaves your wallet looking much emptier!

    Happy Monday!

    1. Agreed! A closet full of items to give to people feels better than a bank account full of money going nowhere! That's why I LOVE Christmas SO much! It's not only because of the true meaning but also because I love to shower people with great gifts!
      Happy Monday to you too! XO


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