Friday, December 7, 2012

High Five For Friday (H54F)

Yippee it's Friday! Even though I have been off for two days due to my surgery I am sucking it up and trying a day back at work. What's one day? I mean least it's FRIDAY. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. Hopefully with some assistance around the office, I can get a day of pay in and get some work done. As much as I LOVE to sit and veg out watching recorded DVR shows, pop prescribed pain pills and spend every waking minute dozing in and out of sleep, I need some adult interaction. I am a working girl. I have to be doing something or I am going stir crazy. I am praying for some positivity today and reinforcement.
There is nothing worse than showing up for a day of work and being surrounded my negative, non stop complainers! Agree or disagree? What is your work environment like? Any tips on how to handle a day at the office? Especially on days like this one, when I have a week off of work ordered by the doctor and I am choosing to go back in a day and a half. I know, I can hear the comments now, I am sure I will be kicking myself later but oh well, life goes on.

So it's Friday and you know what that means! If not, well here is the run down. Every Friday I link up with Lauren and share with you my top five favorite things of the week. Soooo here we go:

I received my Birchbox invite email! I am SO excited to receive the December Birchbox! If you aren't familiar with the beauty box click here.

On my time off I was able to catch up on some of my episodes of Grey's Anatomy. It has been almost a year since I sat down in front of my Netflix and enjoyed this show. I think in the last day I have watched 15 episodes back to back. It's one of my faves!

The night before my besties surgery and two days prior to my surgery, we spent the night walking the canal downtown. We took a walk down around Monument Circle and soaked in the night life. The weather was perfect. December 3rd and the temperature was 65! Breezy, warm and beautiful. Spending time with your best friend and having girl talks put our anxiety to rest for that moment at least. Something we both needed. Relaxation.

Here is one of my three best friends, Amber. She along with myself had a serious procedure done this week. Unlike myself she is still admitted, poor thing. We have had our rough times but we always make our way back to each other. We are like magnets, we cannot be apart. I love her and I thank God that we both made it through our surgeries. This is a picture from New Years last year. A freaking blast of a night it was, cannot wait to do it all over again this year! Gonna PARTAY!

Last but not least, one of my favorite things about December, the Victoria's Secret fashion show! Pretty girls who I inspire to look like, sparkly outfits and some of the top best dance songs keep my eyes peeled to the television for the night. Who doesn't love VS and all of their products! I know I'm a fan!

How was your week? What were your top five moments? Please share! I love hearing all of your wonderful comments!

Have a great Friday, an even more fabulous weekend and I will be back here Monday with Kate  and Kati for the GBU!




  1. New follower! Love your blog, and the VS fashion show! Haha

    Hope you'll stop by :)


    1. Hey there! Always LOVE to see new followers! Of course I will stop by! XO

  2. Good luck recovering! Surgery is no fun, but I totally agree with you about going stir crazy. I get so bored after just a couple days!

  3. Thanks so much! I ended up going to work for 6 hours but had to leave due to the pain. I'm hoping to take it easy this weekend and recover quickly!


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