Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Loving Wednesday!

Hey there! Yep you! You have made it. Okay at least half way made it! Maybe half way through a work week, school week or just the week, period. Sometimes you just wanna high five yourself! Oh yeahhhhh! Happy Hump Day! Happy Dance In Progress! Okay, so maybe I am trying to forcefully convince myself to find the positive in everything. It beats being miserable and negative, right? Soooo I am focusing on what I love on this fine Wednesday along with Jamie!
So let's get to it shall we?

I'M LOVING.... Squealers! This was my first experience at this fine B-B-Q (YES! We HAD to say it in a southern country accent) establishment. It was my brother's 21st birthday dinner with the family. I ordered this yummy sampler of bbq chicken nachos, cheese fries, cheese sticks, a couple of pickles and jalapenos thrown in on the side. Cardiac arrest? I think so but hey I lived to tell about it!

I'M brother, Dan. He is awesome! We have a great time anytime he is around. It seems just like yesterday that he sat in a high chair with melted chocolate chip cookies smeared all over his face, around the age of one or two. Now he's 21. Wow time really does fly!

I'M LOVING.....My Ipsy Haute Holidays Glam Bag! Lots of goodies! A full review is right around the corner!

I'M LOVING....My sister's cakes! She works at an ice cream shop as head cake decorator! Ice cream cakes to be exact! Yummo! I love the holiday themed cakes!

 And as usual I always have my random lovable Pinterest finds...

Anything you are totally loving on this fine day, week, month?
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  1. Stopping by from that second picture! Haha. Those cakes are amazing. And I love the glitter pills!!

    1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! I hope to gain you as a new follower :) I will swing by your page and visit as well :) The glitter pills were awesome! I mean if your having a bad day, open one up and throw the glitter! Ha ha!

      XO Brooke


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