Monday, December 24, 2012

The Monday GBU

Merry Christmas Eve! Are you as excited as I am to share Christmas with your loved ones? Now don't let me mislead you into thinking that I won't be a frazzled stressed out mess until tomorrow evening! I guess I will enjoy my last few hours until the Christmas chaos begins!
I'm linking up on this blistering cold winter day with Kate and Kati to bring you Monday's GBU. Basically I share with you what the good, bad and ugly of my weekend consisted of.

So here are the highlights of my weekend:

THE GOOD: ALL of my Christmas gifts are wrapped!

THE BAD: Not being able to buy more for my family and friends. I always, always wish I could do more for others.

THE UGLY: Lucy (The Elf On The Shelf) returns to the North Pole tonight. Madison has grown VERY attached to her little elf friend. I went and bought a new elf that talks, kicks it feet and moves to keep Madison company while Lucy is away for the year. I have a note prepared for Lucy's departure and the arrival of the new elf friend. (I will report back on how well/bad this went).

I wish you all a Merry Christmas Eve and a Very Merry Christmas!
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  1. Happy Christmas Eve Day! Hope you can find some calm time!

  2. YES for having all the presents wrapped - way to not wait until the last minute! :) Merry Christmas!


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