Monday, November 12, 2012

Whirling Carousel

Do you ever wake up and think how will I ever manage to get through this day and accomplish everything I need to do? Well I do, every single day. It feels like running here and there and everywhere has become a normal routine. Less time to eat, sleep or relax. Work, work and more work. I wake up each day in hopes to maintain a positive and healthy state of mind but something always seems to detour that way of thinking or being.
Have you ever felt so completely worn out, ran down and overwelmed? Asking yourself what you can do to balance work & life? You buy a planner or a calendar in hopes that organization will fix all of your problems but then you sit in front of  your computer, bills, homework, work at 1am asking yourself where the day went. Yeppers that would be me. Wishing for more seconds, minutes and hours to just complete the ever growing to do list. It seems like no matter what, you will be letting someone down, work will be left undone and tasks will remain incomplete. Feeling guilty that you didn't do more or spend your time a little more wisely.
I always feel a sign of relief when I am around my husbands grandparents. Living life to the fullest and always remaining calm and put together. They inspire me to take everything with a grain of salt, enjoy life and take a moment to breathe. They show me that not everything has to be done right now and this very moment.
Do you have someone in your life that can make a dark storm turn into a sky full of sunshine and hope? What do you do to stay stress free? Any tips for others out there that you would like to share?
Please leave a comment & let's try to remember that we are only human and we can only do so much.
Happiness, love & compassion are the key elements to living a happy stress free life!
Put whatever it is to the side for a moment and take a little break for yourself and others around you.

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