Saturday, November 17, 2012

All She Wants To Do Is Dance

"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams"

I cannot resist and must post recital photos from Madison's first dance recital. The company she performs with is Dance Connection, making The Indy A List for best dance studio! Offering classes for dancers, ages 18 months through adult, from beginner to advanced in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary and lyrical/modern.  They also offer zumba, zumba toning and yoga vinyasa flow! I wouldn't recommend any other dance studio to anyone! They have a great staff & a great attitude for children.
Source: Discount Dance

It was a great recital to participate in. I'm not going to lie it was a bit chaotic at first. More for me than her. It was our first time attending this event and we were unsure of where to go, which costume to pick up & how the night would play out. I have to say, I was in total mommy panic mode. I wanted her night to be special, stress free and memorable. There are many moments in my childhood that stand out and I wanted this to be one of those for her.
Upon arrival I realized, um duh look around, all the other mommies had dressed their little girls (and some boys) with their leotard and tights under their outfits that they arrived in. SMH. Epic Fail. I never stopped to think that far. In a panic, I raced up and down the halls looking for the nearest bathroom, nothing. Ahhh my inner voice started to laugh nervously. Where could I go to strip my three year old down, dress her in costume and dart back into the hall filled with performers without anyone noticing? I did what any mom would do. Darted into the nearest open dressing room. I scoped out the area and to my advantage the dressing room, which was reserved for the older girls, was empty. I dressed Madison in a 0-60 mph hour style in less than one minute. Clothes off, check. Bag completely dumped out (because in my world everything you need is at the bottom of the bag), check. Tights, leotard, shoes, skirt & Santa hat, check. Hair pieced back into place, check. Extra hairspray & a dash of lipstick applied to her lips, check. Throw everything back into bag, check. Grab my little dolled up princess back into the hall, while panting and sweating, check. Whew, close call! Making one last stop to check in with the dance instructor to find out what waiting room we were to be in.
Finally, here we are in a backstage waiting room filled with a sea of 2 to 5 year olds. Some decked out in red & green, others in red & black and a few in sparkling gold. Everyone looks wonderful. All running around happily with high spirits and excitement in their hearts. It is a blessing to feel this much happiness in a room filled with beautiful children & amazing parents. Giddy as can be I start in on my paparazzi moment.

My heart melts, she is absolutely adorable!! I can feel that she is confident, excited and ready for her big day! What a proud mommy moment! Who would have known that the little scared, timid & shy girl would be so pumped and ready to hit the stage. The dance studio has transformed these children into confident, structured and well behaved young kids. The first month Madison was scared for her life, suffering from separation anxiety I had to sit with her in the dance class for the first month. Using treats and rewards I finally managed to convince Madison to stay with her dance instructor. Racing out of the room I held my breath, I sat right outside of the door so when it was opened she would see that everything would be just fine. The first class she attended alone was like Christmas! Dairy Queen, lots of mommy crazy celebration dancing and a ton of high fives and kisses! She had overcome her fears! Yay! And since that day, Madison has danced her little heart out!
For the dance recital she was to perform "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town". As we wait backstage, the minutes are counting down, the backstage mom is assigned and I give her a big squeeze and head off to the auditorium where the show is in session. I take my seat, and with 15 minutes until Madison's debut I prepare my camera and sit in anticipation.
A half hr goes by and no Madison, no performances with her dance company at all. I scan the program and oh no, her dance will not be performed until second to the last! Not knowing how long this will last, thoughts race through my mind. "Is she hungry, scared, feeling alone, nervous?" "Does she need me, how is she doing with the backstage mom?" You know, all the typical meltdown mommy thoughts. An hour goes by and then finally, we get a sneak peek of her dance company.

Cheering, applause & whistling fills the auditorium. What a moment in time! To feel like you are a part of something so huge is breathtaking. I am a proud parent! Madison looking like a deer in headlights cracks me up! (Fourth row from the bottom, left side, second girl over) Her Santa hat lying across the top of her eyes, she stares out into the crowd nervously.

They close the curtain.....another half hour goes by of 17 other performances. Then finally, my baby walks out onstage!!
 Onstage Entrance!
 Lining up one by one!
 Can you feel the excitement?
 Ready, set go!!
Spirit fingers! :)
Pound it?!?!? Ha ha. 
OMG Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!! 
 Exiting the stage, waiving their goodbyes!
After two and a half hours my little dancing princess and her class performed one of the cutest performances I have ever seen! Needless to say I am counting down the days until her next recital!!
Other pictures included the preparation of hair and makeup :)
    Have you had a proud moment in your life? Something you or a child has experienced? Please share your moment in time that shined!
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