Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Follow The Yellow Brick Road...

If you don't know Kate & Kati by now, you sure are missing out! Before starting my blog about two weeks ago I had emailed Kate regarding all of the basic beginner blogger questions. I finally gained the courage I needed to start a blog of my own. She sent me links for tons of information on starting a blog & she has commented on my page! Which in the blogosphere it is very exciting every time you gain a follower or you see a notification that you have received a comment! I have done the happy dance every time that happened! I mean who doesn't love new friends and conversation?
So last week poor KateKati had drama with Monday's GBU. If you aren't clued into what went down just check it out here. Well as a new found follower of these girls blogs I decided to follow the yellow brick road down the same path as my fellow bloggers. Which is why starting today I will be linking up with Jamie's blog for "What I Love Wednesday". Unlike "Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday", I feel like I can relate more to this new link & really express what I love! We are all excited about the change & would love for you to join in on the fun!
For this week:

I'm loving Christmas cards! I finally have mine picked out! I go and pick them up tonight! I love giving and receiving them so I put alot of work into picking out the right design and pictures!
(pictures to come!)

I'm loving Amazon! All of my holiday shopping has been bought through this website. Free shipping with purchases of $25 or more. Yes!
I'm loving the new show Partners! It is literally the funniest show next to New Girl! I loved Sophia Bush since One Tree Hill & I was thrilled to see she was on a new hit show!  
I'm loving Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in Dare Devil. I received this lip gloss in my November Ipsy beauty box and I instantly fell in love. Offered in a variety of colors, this lip gloss leaves your lips moisturized & shimmery!

I'm loving Elf On The Shelf. All week I have been setting up different scenarios using our elf Lucy. My daughter has had a blast and so have we. Seeing Madison's face light up every time she finds little ol' Lucy is priceless!

I'm loving Starbucks new holiday drink Carmel Brullee Latte! All drinks at Starbucks are fantastic but I decided to go out on a limb and try something new. Boy am I glad I did! Something to warm me up for all of these cold days we have been having!
I'm loving Dove's new dry shampoo! I usually try to skip every other day on washing my hair. My hair is thin and I often find that my hair is healthier if I take a break on the straightening & shampooing. So I found this new product & it smells awesome! It soaks up all of the oils in my hair and leaves my hair looking like I shampooed it on the second day!


I'm loving all of the downtown Christmas lights! We took a stroll around the Monument Circle Christmas tree lighting last night. We ate pizza at a local pizzeria, visited a nearby candy shop & hit Starbucks before heading home. The lights lift my spirits and put a smile on my face. Colorful & sparkly=smile on my face!

What are you loving this week?


  1. I have found that I much prefer "What I'm Loving Wednesday" to "Oh How Pinteresting" so I'm personally super excited about the switch! Glad you decided to join Kati and me in that! :)

    Thanks for all of your support throughout the whole GBU thing. It's much appreciated! Can't wait to see your Christmas card photo!

    1. NO problem! I love the new Wednesday switch! I feel like since you helped me so much in getting my blog going that I owe it to you to jump on the bandwagon :)

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