Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pinteresting....Inspiration Exists....

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by again!  Do you find yourself sitting in front of the computer for countless hours? Eyes glued to the screen? Inspiration building in your mind and heart? Addicted to all of the fascinating and interesting things to eat, create & read? Does this sound like you?

Well like me, you might have a pinning addiction! Today is the day to give yourself an excuse for all of the times you have found yourself creating boards & pins rather than cleaning, schoolwork or other daily activities!

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Here are my pins for the week:

Pinterest via Lauren Usher

Yesterday I found out that 95% of my cervix is covered in cancerous cells. My aunt, sister and mother have all dealt with similar problems regarding this issue. Going into the appt knowing I had a low grade abnormal test, and coming out needing laser surgery was a complete shock. Pap tests are VERY important. Needless to say I have been doing my research on Ovarian Cancer and the causes of it. God bless all the survivors & ones that have passed away

Pinterest via Lori Thetford

What a fabulous idea! Especially in the fall when it is chilly out and you want to wear jeans and have socks on at the same time! Brilliant! I need a pair ASAP!

Pinterest via Jennifer Mcgrath

My daughter is a little afraid of the dark. She uses a tinker bell lantern light right now. This would be amazing for her! A visit to the bathroom, when she comes in our room after being scared or anything for that matter!

Pinterest via Katie Kimbrell

How many times does your phone go dead while you are out and about? How about all of those pestering cords wrapped & tangled around the charger? This looks compact, easy and useful. The bonus: $7.99!

Pinterest via K C

A family tradition that I started 3 years ago was to decorate some kind of sweet around Christmas time. One year we built a gingerbread house, one year baked cookies & last year we decorated cupcakes! This is on my list for this years tradition! I can't wait to get started! Simple & affordable!

Pinterest via Camille Juco

Ah the simple things in life that makes us smile. My favorite holiday and one of my favorite board games in one.



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